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Unboxing the Braille Embossing Printer & DOTS News Updates

Posted in Braille Translation, Brialle Books, Embossing, Priniting, and Tactile Graphics

The braille embossing printer has arrived! Please join me while I discuss some really cool news about upcoming braille game system translations and as I unbox the printer! We’re still raising funds for a 3D printer so please click on the GoFundMe box on the top right side of the page!

Here are the links to the game systems we are going to be translating (so far)!

Worlds of Empyres by Frank Mentzer / Loxley, Inc.
Dungeonesque White Box by Stan Shin
Tiny Dungeon 2nd Ed Kickstarter by Alan Bahr
Tiny Frontiers by Alan Bahr
Dreamchasers by Peter Petrusha
Kaigaku by Jacob Ross
The Black Hack by David Black


  1. Very excited about the work you’re doing here! I’m glad that the Dreamchaser RPG can be apart of it.

    September 10, 2017
    • DOTSAdmin

      Thank you so much Peter!

      September 10, 2017

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