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Split Braille 3D Printer Models for Home & Hobby Printers

Posted in Braille Dice, Braille Translation, Embossing, and Priniting

Hi all, I apologize for not being a 3D printing expert. It has been brought to my attention that some home and hobby 3D printers cannot print the d12 and d20 cleanly. I reached out to my designer and he was kind enough to split each model so that they can be printed and glued together. I know this isn’t preferred but he did a really good job making sure the splits are such that the dice can easily and precisely be glued together.

Please note, however, that when putting dice together, they may be a bit unbalanced. I haven’t tried this yet but just wanted to toss that out there. They might work just fine though.

I wish there was a better solution but it’s the best I can do for now. The dice are available on our DOTS Dice Shop but Shapeways charges a lot for each die (granted, they will come out perfectly and are available in a few different materials).

I just wanted to make sure that we had an option for those having problems printing the dice as one piece.

Click here to download a ZIP file containing all the dice parts.

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