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New Braille Dice & Dice Sponsorship Program

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I am very happy to report that the new braille polyhedral dice models are finished and available on our DOTS Dice Shop! All of the dice are much easier to read now, check out the shop for descriptions. Like before, all the prices shown are exactly what Shapeways charges to 3D print the dice (the prices are not marked up at all…we aren’t looking top make profit off of these).

I’ll be the first one to admit that these are pretty pricey, and take a couple of weeks to get delivered. BUT I am also happy to announce our Dice Sponsorship Program! If you are in need of braille gaming dice, but it is really hard to swing the money for the new dice, simply send me a PM on Facebook and let me know what you need. I will then see if I can get someone to sponsor the dice for you. You can message me through the DOTS FB Page or find me on Facebook at “Jack Berberette”. Once someone sponsors the dice, I will get them to you right away, free of charge.

Hey, I’d like to sponsor some dice!

Awesome…we’d love to have you sponsor as many sets of dice as you’d like! All you have to do is visit the DOTS Dice Shop, buy some dice and set the delivery address to:

DOTS Dice Sponsor
909 McCormick Blvd.
Clifton Forge, VA 24422

Once I receive the dice, I’ll go down the list and get them out to people who need them. The DOTS Dice Shop has everything from sets, to individual dice, in all sorts of finishes and colors. Again, no profit is being generated at all…the prices shown are simply what Shapeways charges to create the dice.

Now…for some other cool news! I am chatting with a dice company that might take on the mantle and mass produce some braille dice which will definitely drive the price down. Not sure of the details yet, but we’re working on it…it will just take a while :).

Hey, I have a 3D printer!

Yay!!! And we have all of our dice models free for download. One zip file has each individual die found in the DOTS Dice Shop (including a FATE/Fudge die). The other zip file has the collection of sets found in the DOTS Dice Shop. Here are the downloads:

Individual Dice Models

Sets of Dice Models


  1. Evan

    Hi there! I just found your website a couple of weeks ago and just got my first d12 today and am loving its design! This may be a silly question, but do these 3rd eddition models still have the rounded corners of the second design? I am absolutely thrilled to find some accessible dice that actually roll and can be easily read.

    March 24, 2018
  2. DOTSAdmin

    Hi Evan! You bet, the dice still have the rounded edges for decent rolling. I really hope you like them 🙂

    March 29, 2018

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