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FUNDED – The braille embossing printer is on its way!

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I am so excited to announce that out GoFundMe was successful! A special thanks goes out to everyone who donated to make this happen! The printer has already been shipped and I should have it this coming week…then I’ll get jamming on translations, making character sheets, and braille stickers that can be placed on normal dice to make them tactile.

I thought I’d take a moment to show off some of the capabilities of the software suite and also the printer itself.

BTW….this is just the beginning of the project. We’re going to blow open the doors of tabletop role-playing for the visually impaired. Our goal is to raise awareness for the need for accessible gaming materials in the gaming industry. 

Tiger Software Suite

Tiger Software Suite provides you with everything you need to utilize your ViewPlus embosser to its full potential. Translate text to Braille directly with VP Formatter and generate industry leading tactile graphics with Tiger Designer. No matter your project, Tiger Software Suite will make you look like a pro for all your Braille needs.

VP Formatter

Quickly translate text to Braille and convert images to Tactile Graphics using an add-in to Microsoft Word and Excel. The VP Formatter provides expert level output with easy to use controls.

With the VP Formatter you can emboss your document as seen on the screen with a single click of the mouse. For maximum control generate unlimited custom settings and reload them anytime with the touch of a button.

Tiger Designer

In Tiger Designer you can utilize your ViewPlus embosser’s 8 dot heights to edit and generate world-class tactile graphics. Quickly convert existing images or generate unique tactile graphics using easy-to-use tools.

VP Translator

Have a PowerPoint or a Text file? How about a website or other Windows application? The VP Translator can convert your text into Braille based on your preferred settings then quickly send your document to your ViewPlus embosser.


VP Columbia Braille Embossing Printer


Print speed: Up to 100 CPS
Printing Mode: Double-sided
Tactile Resolution: 100 DPI
Tactile Graphic Dot Heights: 7 steps for color representation
Braille Dot Heights: Adjustable in 3 heights


Paper Width: 7 – 11.5 inches (176 – 292 mm)
Paper: Continuous
Paper Weight: 33 – 120 lb (90 – 200 gsm)
Connection: USB (1.1, 2.0), Ethernet
Compatibility: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10


Height: 6.2 in (158 mm)
Width: 21.9 in (557 mm)
Depth: 10.8 in (275 mm)
Weight: 19.8 lbs (9 kg)


Recommended Temperature: 59 – 95 °F (15 – 35 °C)
Storage Temperature: -4 – 158 °F (-40 – 70 °C)
Humidity: 20 – 80% RH (non-condensing)

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