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DOTS Fundraiser Giveaway

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Upping the Ante for our Fundraiser with an AWESOME Prize Drawing!

I am going to be drawing a winner (for an awesome prize) for everyone who donates $10 or more to help us get the materials and equipment we need to get accessible gaming materials into the hands of visually impaired players!

So what am I giving away?
I’m going to be giving away, from my personal collection, a copy of the TSR 1106 (circa 1994) -“The Classic Dungeons & Dragons” Box Set. The set is in really good condition and has every single piece (including the original dice and plastic adventurer models) all the way down to the TSR Customer Feedback Form!

The book has sen some use, but as you can tell from the pictures below, this is a great set!

How to enter:
Simply donate $10 or more to this GoFundMe (there is a link to the GoFundMe at the top right of this page!). That’s it!

When will the drawing take place?
I will draw a winner and make the announcement on October 1st.

[Image Descriptions: Below are 4 images. One shows all the components of the box set, top and bottom of the box, dungeon map, set of six dice, 6 plastic adventurer models, game book, and paper monster cutouts. The other images show a close up of the figures, dice, paper models, TSR customer feedback form, and the closed box top.]

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