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Character name : Jilli

Class: Druid

Level: 1

Race: Forest Gnome

Background: Folk hero

Alignment: Neutral Good

Player: Jack

Exp: 0


Strength: 8/-1

Dexterity: 15/+2

Constitution: 13/+1

Intelligence: 14/+2

Wisdom: 15/+2

Charisma: 10/0

Armor Class: 12

Initiative: +2

Speed: 25

Hit point max: 9

Current hit points: 9

Temporary hit points: 0

Hit Dice: 1d8 per level

Death Saves: 0 successes, 0 failures


Proficiency bonus: +2

Saving throws: Strength -1, Dexterity +2, Constitution +1, Intelligence +4, Wisdom +4, Charisma 0

Skills: Acrobatics +2, Animal Handling +4, Arcana +4, Athletics -1, Deception 0, History +2, Insight +2, Intimidation 0, Investigation +2, Medicine +2, Nature +4, Perception +2, Performance 0, Persuasion 0, Religion +2, Sleight of Hand +2, Stealth +2, Survival +4

Passive Perception: 12


Attacks and spellcasting: quarterstaff +1 attack bonus, 1d6-1 Bludgeoning. Ice knife +4 attack bonus. 1d10 Piercing / 2d6 Cold

Spell casting ability: wisdom. Spell save dc: 12. Spell attack bonus: +4.

Spells: Cantrips: druidcraft, shillelagh. Level 1: cure wounds, faerie fire (dex dc 12), ice knife (dex dc 12) (ranged +4)


Personality Traits: I’m oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.

Ideals: Greater Good. My gifts are meant to be shared with all, not used for my own benefit. (Good)

Bonds: I’m still seeking the enlightenment I pursued in my seclusion, and it still eludes me. I protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Flaws: I’d risk too much to uncover a lost bit of knowledge.


Features and traits: Druid: – Druidic – Hit Points – Proficiencies – Spellcasting Racial Traits: – Darkvision – Gnome Cunning – Natural Illusionist – Speak with Small Beasts


Other proficiencies and languages: Languages:Common, Gnomish. Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Arcana, Club, Dagger, Dart, Herbalism Kit, Intelligence Saving Throws, Javelin, Light Armor, Mace, Medium Armor, Nature, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Shields, Sickle, Sling, Spear, Survival, Tinker’s Tools, Vehicles (Land), Wisdom Saving Throws


Equipment: – Leather – Quarterstaff – Shortbow – Backpack – Bedroll – Blanket – Clothes, Common – Mess Kit – Rations (1 day) (10) – Rope, Hempen (50 feet) – Tinderbox – Torch (10) – Waterskin – Herbalism Kit. A scroll case stuffed full of notes from your studies or prayers. 5gp


Character description: Age young adult. Height 3 feet. Weight 35. Eyes green. Skin light brown. Hair green and spiky.

Character backstory: My friends call me Jilli, but my sister, Piper, loves to call me “Jilli Bean”…to be honest, I kinda like it. Anyway, I’m a Forest Gnome and stand only three feet tall, but when I’m alone, I’m the tallest person in the room! My hair is green and spiky – Piper says it looks like a fern grew on my head, but seeing as how I’m a Druid, I take that as a compliment. My sister and I were adopted by kindly Gnomish couple, Bramble and his husband Brand. Our Dads are retired adventurers and we grew up listening to their incredible tales of daring-do. I spent countless hours going on imaginary quests with my sister…I was always a powerful hedge witch and Piper pretended to be my guardian familiar. Little did we know that we were actually paving our way to becoming true adventurers! Our folks taught us how to defend ourselves with quarter staffs and other basics of survival. As we got older, I went on to study under our local Druid council and Piper learned martial arts and acrobatics from a Monk friend of our parents. I have always loved being outside, and discovered that I can talk with some of the forest creatures. Piper tends to be a bit on the serious side most of the time, but I always have a knack for getting her to laugh…but sometimes that gets me a punch in the arm! I am so excited about becoming a real adventurer! I have a set of leather armor that my Dads had made for me and my Druid elder gave me a beautifully carved staff to aid me on my travels. To be honest, I sometimes get butterflies when I think about stepping out on my own but I know that I have my training and my sister to lean on when things get tough.